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Travelogue 19: ‘finnland, or the surrealities of travel 24.02.04’


Eight years ago today I sent the last in a series of diary emails home, missives which I’ve since been reposting on this blog. I hadn’t intended for this to be the final one, but it took on a life of its own after it had been sent, so perhaps it was best to end on a high. The focus is a day spent in Te Awamutu, NZ, which is here on Google Maps. It is the home town of Neil and Tim Finn, who provided much of the soundtrack to my upbringing through Crowded House and other projects. The day turned surreal pretty quickly and just wouldn’t let up.

One of the people receiving the email happened to be deputy editor of the New Zealand Listener (a cross between Radio Times and The Economist) who had me rework it for publication. That’s right, in New Zealand I’m a journalist – the article’s on their site here: Meanz to an Enz.

Posting my travelogues from 2002-2004 on this site has been a wonderful way to relive two years of travel, work, fun and adventure. This was a world without much in the way of social media, digital cameras were not de rigueur for backpackers and I had decided to stop using capital letters. Fortunately times change, Neil Finn is now @neilmullanefinn… but history never repeats.

finnland, or the surrealities of travel… by davidjarman

A short post script:
Image: ‘Taupiri’, hosted on Flickr by Alex Indigo.

Travelogue 18: ‘morning after feeling 15.01.04’

Part two of my New Zealand tales, back on schedule as this was originally sent eight years ago today. Some poetic meanderings about the brilliant wonderfulness of the flora, geology and water cycle are followed by a quick summary of Christmas when you have no one to open presents with. (I managed to forget that I was carrying a Christmas card. Fortunately I remembered on Boxing Day morning… and it was still Christmas back home when I called mum: situation recovered.) Christmas dinner that day was an extra kiwi fruit that went down very well.
The second page is mostly about a trip up the west coast of the South Island. Great for me to read back as I’d forgotten many of the incidents – it’s a spectacular part of the world.
…and with this travelogue posted there is just one to come, in late February. The final line gives a clue to its focus.

morning after feeling by davidjarman

Travelogue 17: ‘elvis lives 08.12.03’

I’ve been using this blog to post some travelogue emails I wrote to friends and families when I was a young, carefree global vagrant. Blogs had barely entered my vocabulary at this point, so I recklessly invaded the inboxes of my nearest and dearest. This particular missive covers the first part of my trip to New Zealand, which lasted a couple of months from late 2003 to January 2004 – a stunning country to which several of my friends are currently migrating, and who could blame them?


If you’ve seen one of these travelogues before you’ll know that I had an aversion to capital letters in those days, possibly a reaction to years of institutionalised essay writing through my formative years. It’s a good job I’m now working at a university and have regained grammatically correct habits.


In this travelogue you will encounter the premiere of the last part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, a little bit of train travel, a Rugby World Cup final, mild exasperation at hostel life and a hint of Crowded House appreciation. There’s more to come of the latter in the next posting, which I’ll post in a few minutes time.

Trip to Krakow, July 2011

Some rough and ready photos from a sunny summer holiday to Krak??w. It’s nearly seven years since I was last there so there were a few changes ??? most notably a shiny new shopping centre, a museum in Oscar Schindler’s factory and a vast modern art gallery. The dark tourism continued with a trip to Auschwitz; a very sobering experience.


The final images are from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which never fails to entertain. This was the sunniest day of the week, so well worth spending it underground.


We ate well, drank a bit, walked plenty and lamented the laborious lethargy of the trains. It’s a great city, very international and well worth a visit.















Hong Kong: teaching trip, July 2011.

Higher Education in the 21st century: I’m just back from a week in Hong Kong, teaching on the MSc Marketing with International Festival and Event Management that Edinburgh Napier runs over there with HKU SPACE. It was a great week, meeting lots of new people and having the chance to discuss events, festivals and the development of the industry in different parts of the world.

I would love to write about it in depth, but I suspect these pictures might do a better job: a mixture of classrooms, hotel rooftop views and evidence from a data-gathering trip to a festival. I now have data relating to the efficient employment of a yard of ale, for example. Such rigorous research didn’t do much for my attempts to get over the jet lag, but neither did the rolling revelations of ‘phone hacking’ that finally hit home for News International in London – I was never going to sleep through that as it all kicked off.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m out there again.


Travelogue 16: ‘away and home 21.02.03’

I remember writing this post as it gook about two weeks to compile and twenty minutes to type up: a compilation of some standout memories from a year in Australia. I returned to the UK with little focus on what was to come next, although it didn’t take too long for some projects to fall into place.


You’ll note my remarkable prescience about the 2003 Rugby World Cup. I shall make no predictions about the 2011 competition, although it’s good to see some flowing rugby from England in the current Six Nations.


If you want some background on any of the highlights listed in this travelogue please get in touch. The next post came out over nine months later, though I might just repost it a little sooner.



away and home by davidjarman

Travelogue 15: ‘january sails 26.01.03’

Eight years ago today, when I was still a carefree backpacker, I posted this despatch from Western Australia. I had just stepped off the tall ship Windeward Bound after a three week voyage around the south west corner of Australia: Fremantle to Albany.


It’s a part of my trips that I talk about with most affection, the greatest sense of achievement and a feeling that experiences like this helped set my visit to the country apart from a more general (though enjoyable nonetheless) trip to Australia. If digital cameras had been the norm back then I’d have many images to add to this post; alas words will have to do.



january sails by davidjarman