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Blank canvas: crowdsourcing as curation. (Help needed.)

I want help decorating my flat: the dining/spare room has big empty walls that need filling and I’m looking for suggestions from the web. What do you recommend?

This is the next step in transforming what was my tenants’ room for my first couple of years here. For much of the week it’s just me in the place now, so I’ve invested in an Ercol table for dining, a Bowers & Wilkins iPod dock for entertainment and have finally gotten around to painting the hearth stone black. But just look at that empty wall…

I’ve picked up four 30cm ?? 40cm frames in the January sales, which I’ll get some mounts for, but I need to get some pictures. So for one week I’m hoping to get some suggestions from what’s out there: if you’d like to suggest something please post a link in the comments, send details by Twitter or have a look at the other ways of contacting me from this page. If I get any responses I’ll hopefully see plenty that would work well and can get them printed in the next couple of weeks.

Please try to suggest pictures that have been published under a Creative Commons licence, or are otherwise available for use. The easiest way to do this is just click for a suitably filtered search on Flickr.

Don’t worry too much about what I might be looking for, or even the resolution of the picture as I might be able to find something similar if it’s not quite up to scratch. For reference there are a few photos here of stuff that’s already up on the walls. (No finder’s fees are available, but I’ll find a way to reference both the artist/photographer and whoever suggests it somewhere in the room!)

Hope you can help!


Chicken Little.

That’s right isn’t it? Chicken Little was the chap worried about the sky falling in, though I don’t know any more than that. Just as I don’t really know how smartly I’m supposed to dress for this evening’s conference dinner. No matter, I shall find a place in the corner and be inconspicuous.

Sky falling in: it seems I’m missing all the fun while in Leeds for back up in Edinburgh my flat’s ceiling has been leaking. This is unfortunate, but hopefully can be remedied. More unfortunate is the fact that the roofing company have visited, been up into and onto the roof, and apparently fixed it – yet the leak began dripping all over again.

We may be in the clear now after a repeat visit, though may not know for sure until the next downpour. This is, as they say, the joys of having your own place.