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London 2012 Olympic photos: inside the park (1/3)

These photos, taken by me, are from Wednesday 1 August – some from the aquatic centre, around the park, down at ‘Park Live’ to watch Bradley Wiggins’s gold medal ride and a few of the wild flowers that line the waterways. (Published here under CC.)


London 2012 Olympic photos: pre-Games

The Olympics came to Scotland and if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. Here are some images from Hampden (Spain 0 – 1 Japan) and then Edinburgh’s live site on the day of the opening ceremony.

All photos taken by me and you’e welcome to use them under this site’s CC licence.


London 2012 Olympic Twitter archive

Over the course of the London 2012 Olympic Games I put together a Storify of tweets relating to the events and the debates and the media stories that people were linking too. It wasn’t systematic process, there’ll be lots that slipped through the net and this is a manual compilation without the aid of APIs or other labour saving devices.


I’m posting it here so I can find it again in the future, but it is of course available to anyone to scroll through. It starts (at the very bottom) with Aiden Burley MP’s famous remarks about the opening ceremony…



…and at the time of writing finishes with a link to Fatima Whitbread’s comments on whether the Games will really ‘Inspire a Generation’.





Image: taken by me on my trip to the Olympic Park, Wednesday 1 August 2012

#citizenrelay Citizen Relay is just the start


This is a short post with a big link: www.citizenrelay.net

Maybe I’ll add to the post in the coming days, but for now I’m just glad to have been part of this project to trace the London 2012 Olympic Torch as it travelled around Scotland. I spent Wednesday 13 June covering a patch of central/south Edinburgh and speaking to people about what they were doing, what the Olympics and the Torch mean to them and generally soaking up the atmosphere. I have as many issues with the Olympics as the next events-focused academic (have a look at Games Monitor for more perhaps), but you don’t find many bigger foci for media coverage, popular engagement and community involvement across an entire country. There’s a powerful argument that says the Torch Relay is the only direct contact most of the biggest Olympic sponsors (you and me) will get with the event. By getting out into Scottish communities, from Glasgow to Tomintoul to Stonehaven, Citizen Relay has given those people a voice and a chance to share their experiences.

As a model for community and citizen journalism this is an engaging, exciting and sustainable* way of using free media tools and the hardware that many of us carry around with us. You can do a heck of a lot with a mobile phone these days, then get it out into the world far quicker than the mainstream media. Where will this go next? Who will take up the idea and run with it?

*Sustainable up to the point where those driving the minibus around the country begin to doubt their own ability to continue!

Here’s a video that I filmed and @Kat_P edited: