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Internet Week Europe – November 2010


London has the best festivals, yes? Internet Week Europe is born of a similar event in New York, attracting some fantastic contributors, audiences and media coverage. Of course, in my world there’s every chance that these are much the same people – contributing by covering, blurring the line between audience and contributor.

VIP Art Fair

via vipartfair.com

The internet has the best festivals – arty ones at that.

Should you click on the vipartfair.com link above you’ll get to the ‘VIP Art Fair’, which from one angle looks like a shop window for artworks. There’s more to it though, because there’s a virtual event element to it: just as an art fair (such as the Freeze Art Fair currently in London) exists for a short time, so this VIP event is time limited.

I know this because I heard it on the BBC’s ‘Digital Planet’ where the organiser was interviewed. During the interview he used the words ‘evaporative experience’ and ‘impending event’: capitalising on the unique nature of a time limited opportunity to focus attention… and I guess encourage spending by art lovers.

Nuit Blanche: older, not any wiser


Toronto has the best festivals. Perhaps.

This article discusses ‘Nuit Blanche’, which brings a million folk out onto the streets for an all night series of art events and what have you. It’s hard to see from the article whether this is curated, but the journalist has a tough job finding work he can be truly grateful for having seen.

It seems there’s some tension around the idea that events are both production and consumption, simultaneously, involving audiences and artists. Likewise the path between art and event is trod out there on the city’s streets, with varying degrees of success it would seem: do we have higher standards or different expectations between one form of expression and the next?

Even so, a million people? Reclaim the streets folks! Then head to bed.

Finland has the best festivals: Teuva’s ‘Mobile Sauna Festival’


Beat this Edinburgh! A mobile sauna festival of the weird, wonderful and ingeniously creative. No need to go the hassle and the expense of filling a tiny comedy venue with sweaty punters and a tired comic: just head to beautiful Finland and chill out. (Not literally.)

(More pictures via the guardian.co.uk link.)