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Travelogue 14: ‘riding through the sand 20.12.02’

Happy new year for 2011.


Recent events in Australia have taken me back to my trips out there, prompting another travelogue re-posting.  This one covers some great days helping Bruce build his house on Kangaroo Island – here it is on Google Maps.  I then took the train to Perth for Christmas: sitting all the way, not to be recommended to anyone but the hardiest of backpackers.


The next letter home after this was sent on 26 January (2003), so I plan to wait until the anniversary to post it.  (It’s a good’un mind.)



riding through the sand by davidjarman

Travelogue 13: ‘national icons 27.11.02’

This post came at the end of a very rewarding trip through the hot centre of the country. I would recommend a trip to anyone – it’s a fair way to go but a truly wondrous landscape.


…there’s also some stuff about cricket.

national icons by davidjarman

Travelogue 12: ‘sheeps that pass in the night 02.11.02’

Enjoying the lengthening days of south eastern Australia in the southern spring was a glorious, laid back rural experience.  I spent time on two farms: each of them suffering in the drought, one of them seemingly with greater success though as the herds were larger, the activity greater and the property more expansive.  Both families were very friendly of course, putting me up at part of the Wwoofing scheme – it’s still going strong by the looks of it, although they’re persisting with their Comic Sans obsession…


sheeps that pass in the night by davidjarman

Travelogue 11: ‘green 01.10.02’

On my way back to Australia following a northern summer in Edinburgh I spent a week in Bali. This was before the bombing (though only by about three weeks, and I spent in an evening in the bar which suffered most damage) so a snapshot of life on the island before the upheaval.


Read on for volcanoes, galleries and good food – but pity my travelling partner for the week, Russ, who being allergic to peanuts missed out on the satay sticks.

green by davidjarman

Travelogue 10: ‘northern hemisphere 12.08.02’

A cheeky post from Edinburgh – not so much a travelogue then, more a ‘homelogue’? Either way I was clearly enjoying myself, although it’s interesting to see how little the Edinburgh festival changes from one year to the next in some ways.

northern hemisphere by davidjarman

Travelogue 09: ‘history, scenery, victory 10.06.02’

Tasmania was a really good part of my travels. I was very well looked after by Greg Ramsay and his family, who live in various parts of the island – you should check out Greg’s expanding golf and distilling empire.


You may wish to read this alongside Travelogue 08, which introduces Tasmania.

history, scenery, victory by davidjarman

Travelogue 08: ‘a devil of a time 20.05.02’

This journal entry was sent from Tasmania, where I got to spend a full month. I’ll post two travelogues in quick succession as they sit nicely together, though with little introduction from me in 2010 as I wrote plenty at the time!

devil of a time by davidjarman