Edinburgh festival 2016 round-up / #edfests

img_7219 img_7220August 2016 has come and gone, in a blur of shows, events, work, friends and good times. Here’s the detritus of three and a half weeks of stuff, with a list of what stuff it was. I managed to catch 25 shows/events during the month, which averaged at one a day. Can’t complain about that really. Some great variety too…

Music: Kathryn Joseph was excellent, right at the start. Usher Hall performances included Barry Humphries’ Weimar Cabaret and Wagner’s Das Rheingold. Both excellent. Deep Time kicked off the International Festival and was really well done – I had an unexpectedly excellent view.

Comedy: I really liked Robert Newman, just because. Mark Thomas’s show was on the last day of my festival and it was truly wonderful.

Theatre: Richard III stood out – it was refreshing, dark, funny, debauched and audacious. Tim Crouch’s piece was really well done and shocking at times.

Books: Through a work link I saw quite a few EIBF events. Lemn Sissay was exceptional and we are privileged to have his insights into our world. Jim Haynes likewise, and it was good to wallow a little in the history of the festivals.

That’ll do for now I reckon. More next year, please.

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