For posterity, the tweets I sent as the #EUref decision became apparent

27798372881_36bfcd08ef_mThe sunny Edinburgh lunchtime outside my window looks sublime, and I’ll be finishing up here soon so I can get out there and enjoy it. It’s Sunday, so about 48 hours after the UK’s 52% / 48% vote to leave the EU. The country will be going through some weird times in the days and months ahead, but for now here are some of the tweets I’ve sent since Thursday night relating to the EUref. This is mostly for posterity, so I have somewhere to refer back to should I ever wish to relive that sinking feeling in the stomach. (Top image courtesy of the Scottish Government, from Flickr.)


The evening had started so well!


As the reality began to take shape about the referendum result…


Some connections being drawn between the #EUref and Scotland’s #IndyRef from 2014:


Back to the misery…


This was weird:


Details started to emerge, about the vote and its consequences. Who voted which way? Who’s ‘to blame’?


Scotland’s future got more and more attention as it became apparent that Scottish voters had diverged so dramatically from vast parts of England and Wales:


Time for Scotland to prepare for an influx of refugees from the rest of the UK?


What of referenda as a means of government?


Analysis of the fallout started to pick up, from many directions:


A little humour. Just a little.


And so to the future:


It seems that most enthusiastic pre-Brexit camps may now those in Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt and across the rest of the EU. Tired and bored of the UK’s messing around many will just want us gone, as soon as possible. Will that be time enough for the Scottish Government to put into place special arrangements for Scotland? This is becoming a humanitarian rescue mission.

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