Monthly Archives: November 2011

Photo blog: Burntisland in the November sun


Burntisland’s looking great today, with a cooling breeze off the Forth. Misty too, Forth Bridges drifting in and out of sight.

But where for lunch?

EDIT: We went to ‘Potter About’ for lunch. Great big portions, decent prices and a busy/friendly atmosphere. Very fortunate that a gig kicked off halfway through our visit. Then a walk along the sand to Kinghorn as the tide ebbed away – clear sunshine all the way.

There’s a heavy burnt smell downwind of the big bonfire that drew about 5,000 to the Links on Saturday night. Fantastic fireworks as well, definitely giving Edinburgh a run for its money.

Somewhat disappointing that the Posterous iPhone app doesn’t seem to allow for editing of existing posts, so I’ve had to wait until I got home to add a few more photos. Anyone got any advice on this?


Testing if Posterous will autopost to Google+


This is a picture of the picture above my bed, but more importantly
I’ve added a Google Buzz autopost to my Posterous-based website. What
with Google having put Buzz to sleep I’m reasonably confident the
autopost will go to G+ instead, but there’s only one way to find out.

Any comments confirming you can see this in G+ would be gratefully
received, though you may just have better things to do with your day,
for which I salute you.