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From The Guardian… analysis of Twitter activity during the #riots


The Guardian have looked at some 2.5m tweets sent during the riots that swept through parts of England earlier this summer. What does this analysis open up for analysis of regular, planned events?

Click the link above to catch the story, replete with plenty of links to further stories on this and other stories. (Such as the possible blocking of social media during future conflagrations…)

Digital Audience Development, courtesy of Inner Ear.

It was very good to see a large audience for the 2011 ‘Digital Audience Development‘ session at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Run by Inner Ear Ltd. again on Thursday 4 August, this was the second time I’ve seen them present ideas and case studies to help those who would like to use social media to spread the word about their work. The presenters were Dougal Perman (@dougalperman)and Anny Deery (@adeery).

Why the larger audience? Partly because the tools are more pervasive within the arts community I should imagine, but also because more people want to use them and are keen to learn. The fact that this event took place before the official start to the fringe made it all the more impressive: visiting artists should probably have been spending their time settling in, doing their tech rehearsals and buying waterproof jackets. Something that particularly impresses me about Inner Ear is their knowledge of the range of social tools available, with pretty well defined ideas about the strengths of each and when it could/should be employed by different users. There was a mixed audience for the event in terms of social media experience, but I think it’s likely that as time goes by they will find ever more savvy audience members who come to these sessions with their own ideas of what works in this space. To this end it’s great that those folk can tap into Inner Ear’s expertise just as effectively as the relative novices who need some guidance on where to start.

For a recommendation however I think there is scope for a follow up session on a more ‘workshop’ based level, where people can show and tell the methods and approaches that have worked for them. There’s no reason that this couldn’t still be set up for the 2011 Fringe, I’m sure it’s already taken place on a small scale many times over as people discuss stuff over a pint, but something more formal could be very rewarding for all.

To finish this post, as suggested by Dougal, you should find their presentation embedded into this blog just below (although it needs Flash). The slides are hosted on Slideshare and contain a heap of good ideas and suggestions.

View more presentations from Inner Ear

Trip to Krakow, July 2011

Some rough and ready photos from a sunny summer holiday to Krak??w. It’s nearly seven years since I was last there so there were a few changes ??? most notably a shiny new shopping centre, a museum in Oscar Schindler’s factory and a vast modern art gallery. The dark tourism continued with a trip to Auschwitz; a very sobering experience.


The final images are from the Wieliczka Salt Mine, which never fails to entertain. This was the sunniest day of the week, so well worth spending it underground.


We ate well, drank a bit, walked plenty and lamented the laborious lethargy of the trains. It’s a great city, very international and well worth a visit.